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Light Learning is a comprehensive online learning platform for LEADERSHIP and FINANCE. We bring you confidence and competence through putting the best tools in your toolbox to help you level up as a leader. Light Learning exists to make some of the heavy parts of business LIGHT!




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Complete this form to access and setup a 1-on-1 coaching session with Sarah West, Light Learning Instructor and Owner of Light Consulting & Coaching. By filling out the form, you are not making any sort of commitment. We will only use your information to provide you with more information and figure out what you are looking for in our coaching relationship.

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Who Are We? 


We are Light Consulting & Coaching, a team of four. In addition to Light Learning (our education branch), we exist to provide leaders the tools they need to identify their opportunities for growth, while providing the guidance necessary to reach their goals. Rooted in love; Light guides each individual toward reaching their maximum potential to live their best life.

"I saw that wisdom has as much profit over folly, as light has over darkness" - Ecclesiates 2:13

Our difference in approach is to only have business experts who have been in your shoes serving you. We focus on small groups and individualized coaching and training to ensure you are getting a life changing experience. We bring leadership back to our core value of love like Jesus.

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An interview between Sarah West and Mike Brevik, the voice of Brand Retro podcast. During the podcast, Sarah discusses her journey from a corporate CFO role to the life-changing moment that led to creating her own company, her own brand, and the mission behind it all.

Let us know some more information so we can quickly get in touch with you to chat and setup your coaching sessions!